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To help accomplish this, Alturas CPA offers a full suite of tax, accounting, and bookkeeping services delivered with exceptional focus on customer experience and satisfaction.

Time is a limited resource, once used it cannot be replaced. At Alturas CPA we are passionate about helping you find more time for doing what matters most to you by spending less time with the administrative hassles.

We have qualified professionals who provide quality work so you can rest assured knowing that your work is being done the right way. We see our clients as partners, and we are committed to helping you find solutions to your tax, and accounting.

Personal Taxes

Personal Taxes

Alturas CPA specializes in business and individual tax preparation and planning. All of our tax and accounting processes embrace the latest advances in technology to provide a convenient and hassle-free experience from start to finish. You are busy, we get it. That is why we allow clients the freedom to either meet in person or digitally and documents can be signed digitally from anywhere.
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Business Taxes

Business Taxes

It is commonly said that the only things certain in life are death and taxes. We cannot help you escape either of these, but we can help lessen the impact of taxes. We do more than just simply prepare a tax return we want to provide our clients with a tax plan. Our goal is to help clients understand how taxes can impact them and provide strategies that can help reduce this impact.
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Accounting Solutions

Accounting Solutions

Most of us got into business because we had an idea or a passion not because we were good at accounting. Let us help with your accounting and bookkeeping needs so you can focus on what you got into business to do. We help you spend less time on your accounting so you have more time to focus on your business. Let us help you see the value of good accounting as you make business plans and decisions.
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Business Consulting

Business Consulting

At Alturas CPA, we offer a unique perspective to small businesses. Because most of our staff are entrepreneurs ourselves, we’ve been on the other side of the desk before. We have experience as business owners. Let us share our knowledge and experience to help you. We can help with business registrations, annual reports, cash flow forecasting, exit strategy planning, and many other services.
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Idaho's Leading Experts for Digital
Accounting and Tax Prep

Now more than ever, you and your business need to be on the leading edge of technology in order to properly and effectively manage your personal and/or business finances.

You already know, that tax preparation, accounting or bookkeeping, and payroll have all taken a turn towards the digital age. That’s exactly why the time-tested pros at Alturas CPA are here to guide you while answering your questions along the way.  Our team maintains the utmost relevant and up to date continuing education and expertise in all areas of “digital business finances.”

Contact us today and see why we’re the best and most trusted CPA firm in Idaho.

At Alturas CPA, we help you navigate the finite details of your most critical business finances.

Alturas CPA specializes in business and individual tax preparation and planning. Our processes embrace the latest advances in technology to provide a convenient and hassle-free experience from start to finish.

Time-tested tax and accounting experts.
Trust our team and our 20+ years of seasoned experience and ever-continuing financial education to provide you and your business with practical, affordable, efficient, and exact accounting assistance.
Leave it to the pros - it's what we do!
Yes, sure, it’s rewarding to try and be the jack of all trades in your business. But when it comes to something as critical and important as accounting, taxes, or payroll – rely on us for expert guidance.
Up to date, modern, and digitally proficient.
Rest assured that our team constantly trains and stays educated on the latest and most modern tax laws, accounting techniques, and digital payroll software strategies and standards.
We save you
time and hassle
Documents can be signed digitally from anywhere. No more finding time to swing by the accountant’s office.
Contact Alturas CPA today. Let's connect.
During these trying times, we are using digital methods of contact such as Zoom, Facetime, Google Hangouts, etc., to accommodate and to connect with both our existing clients or new potential clients.
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As an entrepreneur myself, I’ve gained invaluable insight into the world of business. Therefore, because I love everything that is “public accounting” I enjoy being able to use my unique perspective and skills to help all other business owners find success.

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